BREAKUP SOCIETY, THE: Nobody Likes a Winner: CD

Mar 17, 2008

This record is not completely repulsive to me, but it is permeated with a sort of synthetic ickiness that makes me imagine that it was the product of Gordon Gano’s not-quite-as-bright son leading a band who idolize the Figgs at their least exciting, promulgating a crop of tunes based off the unlikely blueprint of the final Mr. T Experience album—i.e., this is a record where the time between the appearance of Clever Bits is of an extended enough duration that not only do you cease caring about the upcoming Clever Bit, but you also begin to resent the previous Clever Bit for being so unfulfilling. Even the lyrical chirps about Camus sound more lame-o collegiate than they do legitimately pop cultural, so kindly reference that song by Jonathan Richman about the girl not laughing at his jokes to see an example of how a proper pop-Camus reference should be handled. I do not generally wear a wristwatch, but, during the course of this album, i found myself looking at the spot on my wrist where a wristwatch would most likely be located. Quite often. BEST SONG: “Nobody Likes a Winner” BEST SONG TITLE: “The Day Before the First Day of the Rest of My Life,” which should just underscore how subtly annoying this album is. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I was Employee of the Month once at Domino’s Pizza.

 –norb (Get Hip)

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