BREAKS, THE: …Are Broke: one-sided 7”EP

May 26, 2008

The format’s curious. A five-song, one-sided EP that goes at 33. Perhaps it’s a money-saving enterprise because the band had already broken up or they wanted to laugh at all the suckers who drop the needle on the blank side? The Breaks were a straight-ahead St. Louis (they’re very no-coast proud) hardcore band in the 1981 (coasts), 1983 (Midwest) sense of the word. The good news is the bad news: tight, powerful, heartfelt music that was close to twenty years old when The Breaks were around. I believe that they believe what they believe; it’s just that the musical mold they chose had already been cast and hardened. The Breaks pour right into what Minor Threat and Youth Of Today had already formed and settled right into that shape. You know exactly what the music’s gonna look like. The band broke up in 2006.

 –todd (Firestarter)