BREAKDOWN: Battle Hymns For An Angry Planet: CD

Nov 22, 2009

Ok, I was given a stack of CDs for a fellow reviewer and myself to review. On my drive to work I threw in each one, gave it a 10 second scan of each song and came up with two out of ten that I could actually review. Now... Breakdown is not a band whose album I would go looking for, nor would I actually buy it. It’s one of those CDs I would borrow indefinitely from someone. I need a reason to listen to this band, i.e. bad day at work, fight with the ol’ man, etc... This band has playing ability, and they probably have something to say, but I can’t find the booklet to read the lyrics. The best thing about this band is the unmistakable late eighties/ early nineties sound they have. Think Billy Milano-ish vocals, the SOD/ MOD “moshing” interludes that flow right into a double time chorus that stops, fades, then whips you right back into the mosh pit. I hear a little Slayer action in the guitar leads, and those big shouting back up vocals, usually consisting of the words like, “WAR,” “HATE,” or “KILL.” If you were a Fender’s Ballroom local and remember the “cross over” era fondly, you’ll probably like this too.

 –julia (I Scream Records)