BREAKAWAYS, THE: Walking Out on Love (The Lost Sessions): CD

Dec 28, 2009

Between the breakup of L.A. power pop legends The Nerves and the formation of their equally legendary bands The Beat (not to be confused with the English Beat) and the Plimsouls, Paul Collins and Peter Case had a band called the Breakaways. Although the group never really quite got off the ground, they did manage to record a few demos of some tunes from the Nerves’ set list and, in the case of the title track, some that would also feature in the Beat’s future set list. These tapes were apparently mislaid for many a moon, but have been rediscovered and released. The sound quality is great considering these are demos and they’re some thirty-odd years old, and the songs, well, we are talking about the dudes responsible for “Rock ’n’ Roll Girl” and “A Million Miles Away,” so of course the tunes are top notch.

 –jimmy (Alive)