The Break: Hmm, no. Cock rock (or uplifting metal, you decide) meets hardcore wasn’t a good idea with Junkyard. (Shake that hair, Brian Baker, shake it, ’till you forget the words Minor Threat.) The idea hasn’t improved with age. This is the second band this rotation that’s resurrected something that should remain deader than dirt. Leave the power ballads to Whitesnake. It worked – marginally, but topically – with cocaine and hookers, not why you think war is bad. Let It Burn: Three mid-paced finger snappers that take the catchiness of early CIV, use sharp and clear like broken glass guitars, and a guy who can sing about the noose of nostalgia, straight-up romance, and the love of a specific city, all like his life depends on it. If I could only program the CD to skip the first three songs, a boner’d be popped.

 –todd (Doghouse)