BREAK IT DOWN: Three Songs: CD

Sep 02, 2010

This is not really hardcore, it’s more like late ‘90s Epitaph generic Pennywise-sounding stuff. The music isn’t really heavy, but there is occasional chugga chugga that might sound a bit more raw live. That still wouldn’t change the fact that the lyrics say very common things phrased in common ways. It was recorded very cleanly, there are guitar leads and all that kind of stuff, but nothing really sounds heavy or, like, you know, hardcore except for the last minute of the last song which is the saving moment for this demo. The vocals are what really don’t do it for me. One moment he sounds like he’s going for the Jello Biafra thing, then its just generic pop punk vocals, then gravelly punk vocals, then hardcore vocals. From song one to three, the vocals go up a notch in terms of what I enjoy. There would still have to be one more notch up in the vocals, then two notches down in the recording quality for me to be truly stoked on this.

 –Rene Navarro (