BREAD AND BOTTLE: Long Story Short: CD

Dec 29, 2008

I feel like a hack referring to Bread And Bottle as “Chicago punk rock.” Maybe it’s because I’ve only been living here a year, so I really don’t know what that originally meant, and since there such a variety of sounds currently coming out from bands like The Arrivals, Sass Dragons, Tongues, and A/V Murder, that it makes it hard to find anything unifying. But, this has that meat and potatoes feel that I get from Pegboy and Raygun and always associate with Chicago, just with a bit more melody thrown in. It’s catchy as fuck and the dogs I walk are probably sick of me singing the parts of “Roosevelt” I get stuck in my head on a daily basis (though not as sick as I was hearing the Repellents covering it once...yeesh!). They’ve got two of the Brothers Scaccia, who throw loft shows in a city where house shows don’t really exist and put out awesome stuff on Lucky Gator Records (they co-released this with Johann’s Face, run by Marc Ruvalo, whose band Das Kapital shares Ryan Scaccia on bass with Bread And Bottle. Yeah, it sort of feels like San Pedro, and that’s always a good feeling). If you like catchy and fun and dancing and guitar players who spin on one foot and drummer-singers and pretty amazing bass playing, then you should probably buy this and invite me over for a dance party. Well, except I already have it and I’m not too keen on strangers.

 –megan (Johann’s Face/Lucky Gator, co-release)