BRAY: Dracula: CD

Mar 17, 2008

This is one of a kind. The press release that came with the disc is worthy of its own review, particularly its picture of Bray looking like a 1986-era sitcom version of a rock star. You know, the episodes where the teenage girl puts on makeup, sneaks out to the city with her friends, and goes backstage at a concert, only to learn some valuable lesson? Bray looks like the fake rocker they meet backstage, except with slightly smaller hair. Not only that, but there’s a quote from him that says, “I prefer playing after hours. At night we become what we fantasize about.” Yeah, cheesy as fuck. Was that from Growing Pains or Who’s the Boss? I can’t recall. Just so you know, the music is right in line with the press release. It’s ridiculous. The lyrics are about Dracula and include clever bits like “You can run, but you can’t hide. If you scream, I will find you.” Also, “Can’t wait to sink my teeth into you.” All of these words are sung in a sort of breathy whisper and backed by Dr. Fink, who, according to the press release, played keyboard for Prince. Oh, just to make this more ridiculous, this is a CD single with only one song on it.

 –mp (Talking House)

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