BRATMOBILE: Ladies, Women, and Girls: CD

Sep 18, 2009

It's about time I got this record! I waited seven years for Bratmobile to put out a new record and it took me over a year to finally buy it. OK, so it came out last year, but I have a tight budget and I want to review it, damnit! This album is great. At first it was kinda weird for me. I felt like, rather than being one big group of riot grrrls hangin' out, it's now more like hangin' out in your room while eavesdropping on your older sisters hanging out and being riot grrrls. On second listen, I was right back on my feet jumping up and down like a pigtailed 15yr. old. Bratmobile has kinda - not so much matured - as they did fill out into their womanly shape and sound. I could safely say they sound a little more Lookout recordsy, but the combination has proved itself to be rewarding. Thank you Bratmobile for coming back and giving me a voice to listen to. I missed you.

 –guest (Lookout!)

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