BRAT, THE: Attitudes: CDEP

Jan 18, 2007

All right, I’ll admit I’m more than a little biased when it comes to East L.A. punk rock. Consider it the musical equivalent to being a Dodgers or Yankees fan, except that there are no hot dogs, no one is paid a fraction of what Barry Bonds pulls in and bats have wholly different uses. Now that that’s out of the way, trust me when I say that you truly need this in yer collection, kids. The Brat were/are one of the better-known bands from the area, and the solid musicianship, smart, taut songwriting and the desire to push past what’s expected illustrate why. Originally released back in the mists of time we now know as the early 1980s, Attitudes, as well as two tracks on the Los Angelinos compilation, is pretty much all the initial incarnation managed to release. The five tracks here cover a lot of ground—the reggae undertow of “Swift Moves,” the punk/pop of the title track and “Starry Night,” the hardcore roar of “High School,” the morose isolation of “Leave Me Alone”—all of it sweetened by infectious hooks and Teresa Covarrubias’ voice, which she isn’t afraid to use to actually sing rather than yell. The good news is that a) they’re also out and playing again, b) an “anthology” disc of unreleased material and a DVD of assorted performances are in the works, c) with this now remastered and on CD, you can now blast this bad boy from your car stereo without having to worry about the needle on the record player bouncing all over the place. My suggestion is you get your grubby paws on a copy by any means necessary, ‘cause although East Los has long maintained a solid batting average, this is one of those occasions when the eastside kids handily sent the ball sailing over the fences.

 –jimmy (