BRAT FARRAR: Being with You Last Night: 7"

Apr 29, 2016

The latest offering from Brat Farrer—for those who are familiar—is more of the same quality synth punk that you’d expect. If you’re unfamiliar with Australia’s Sam Agostino (of Digger & The Pussycats fame), Brat Farrar is the moniker of his solo project (with full live band) that typically consists of him with a drum machine and tuneful, but rockin’, melodies. In the same league as Teledrome, but not quite as aggro as Black Bug. This new three-track platter doesn’t break the mold, but is strong and catchy, just like his previous records. While the A side is more upbeat, “Feel This Way” on the flip is my personal tops. Great tunes and nice guy in person, to boot. Track this down if this genre is up your alley. 

 –Steve Adamyk (Hound Gawd,