BRAT ATTACK, THE: Destruction Sound System: CD

Feb 21, 2008

The first song, “Infighting and Bickering,” excited me with its dual female/male vocals and melodic pop sound that reminded me of the now defunct UK band Servo. I was hoping for more! But no, the male vocals are dominant here. Where did that great female voice go? Two tracks of average punk rock. Track four is “Enemy” and the female vocals come back! The vocals are soft and enduring and go into Brody and Courtney country during the chorus. Tracks five through eight: male dude again. Yawn. Track nine, the dual vocals are back! You go, girl! Track ten is dude again. Skip. Track eleven has too much dude and not enough female vocals. Track twelve: dude. Track thirteen: dude. Track fourteen: dude’s track up front, female vocals buried. Track fifteen comes back with dude singing the verses and female vocals in the chorus. Track sixteen closes off with a rock ballad of sorts but dude is only a background singer. So I’m not sure who dude is. On the CD there is Ben and Dave who are listed as vocalists. They need to step back and just play guitars. No more singing. The female vocals, I think, are handled by Seana but there is a picture of a Meaghan on the back that says vocals, too. Put them up front on vocal duties and this band would be much improved in my book. Sounds like I’m a dude hater, huh?

 –don (Steel Capped)