This six-song EP started off with an acoustic guitar flourish and I hoped it was just an intro and would bust into some major contrast with some raging punk rock. But alas, no. Bongo drums kicked in and more acoustic instruments. The rest of the music continued to horrify me as some sort of dreadful noodley, hippy, dream-pop dreadfulness. There are no electrified instruments on the album, which is simply something I cannot accept. I made myself listen to it once all the way through out of service to the readers of Razorcake and then bits and pieces the next day to verify that my listening experience was not a horrible patchouli-soaked nightmare. Printed on the CD are the words “have a good summer” so it is ironic that this is the worst piece of music I have listened to this season, and for a half hour in August made my summer much less enjoyable.

 –Jake Shut (Self-released)