BRAINWORMS: Swear to Me; Tape: LP and Cassette

Jun 01, 2009

The first thing that I heard from Brainworms was their split with Tubers. They presented one original and a Rites Of Spring cover. Their original sounded not too unlike ROS. Those two tracks, along with the tracks from their splits with Dynamite Arrows and Catalyst, appear on the cassette. After hearing an album and three splits’ worth of material, though they stay in the realm of emotional hardcore, I can’t say that Brainworms is simply Revolution Summer-esque. Think of ROS as a bookend with maybe Antioch Arrow on the other end of the shelf, but Brainworms’ influences aren’t used as a crutch to hold them up. Initially, their approach seems to be simply frantic and maniacal with vocals that never let up, remaining constantly abrasive. This comes through much clearer on the cassette. The LP has a calmer feel, which still isn’t really calm. Still, on both the releases underneath the mania is a feeling of safety that comes with trust. It’s as though Brainworms was jilted by the world and decided that, instead of issuing a directive of revenge, it was necessary to give a guiding hand through the madness by offering a taste of the lunacy to others via sound. Demented and passionate stuff, here.

 –Vincent (LP: Rorschach; Cass: People’s Republic Of Rock And Roll)

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