BRAINERD: Animal Mother: CD

Dec 29, 2008

My snotty review of this Madison band’s last disc prompted such a shitstorm of local message board flamejobbery that i’m tempted to do it again, just for the sheer sport of it all. However, the band has now cut their otherwise uninteresting White-Grungers-On-Gein faux Sub-Pop shenanigans with a few neat tricks, like briefly sounding like a fucked up Joy Division ((the first fifty seconds of “Jesus”)), or even coming across as tangentially glammy ((“Tabula Rasa”)), thus i cannot dismiss this record outright just for the time-honored purpose of “starting shit,” although i did consider it. Other than that, i dunno, i think this sounds like what grunge used to sound like. Wisconsin’s progressive reputation continues unabated! BEST SONG: “Tabula Rasa” BEST SONG TITLE: “Ed Gein,” of course! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Looks a lot like the Dwarves “Blood, Guts & Pussy” album, but redder, and without the midget.

 –norb (Zodiac Killer)

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