BRAIN SLUG: Demo: Cassette

Decent demo here. The execution is mainly mid tempo, though they do pick up the pace here and there, which gives you, the listener, something to hang on to. There’s definitely more power in bands slowing it down instead of hitting blur speeds all the time. The vocals are thick and heavy growls of disgust and anguish. The guitar is the same as well; just this mass of grind and buzz. I can’t help but think they look to Brainbombs for musical inspiration, as the songs are more about crushing and bludgeoning instead of moving and rocking out. The lyrics aren’t as dark and misanthropic, though they definitely air their dislike of the world. “Permanent Bummer” is the definite standout track. If they listen to this demo and hone in on what works and what does not, then they could be on to something. Just tighten up the songs a bit and this stuff will sting.

 –M.Avrg ([email protected])