BRAIN DRAIN: Demo 2009: CD-R

Nov 11, 2009

What you got here is fairly standard hardcore recorded on the cheap, but clear enough to make out what’s going on. The members sound like they gel well together, though, and I hear some flashes of serious potential, especially during the slower bits where they start messing with time signatures and such. Dunno how long they’ve been together, but it sounds like they’re still ironing out what their personal take on hardcore is ultimately gonna sound like, which ain’t a bad thing at all. My suggestion would be to bypass the standard go-to old school bands and instead wallow in the influence of early Die Kreuzen (the Cows and Beer EP is a great place to start), Scratch Acid, Filth-era Swans, and United Mutation if you really wanna come up with something that’ll fuck with people’s heads.

 –jimmy ([email protected])

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