BRADLEY DEAN AND THE TERMINALS: “Top of the Hour” b/w “Graveyard”: 7”

Jul 29, 2013

What I often find most exasperating about the modern cookie-cutter mentality of the monolithic music machine—and the clueless fops who’ll take any dish o’ crap served up—is the actual creative process and it accompanying tendency toward risk-taking has been almost completely excised from the equation. It’s what makes the first waves of any new musical idea/movement/genre magical and its absence is what makes what follows, well, cookie-cutter. These cats remember that creative process well. At their core, they’re a pop band but they’re not afraid to make more than the minimal button-punching effort employed in modern tunesmithing, and even mix disparate things, like country twang to the title track and some swing to the flip, to give that core a bit more complexity in flavor. Both songs here would’ve easily garnered them a rotation slot on forward-thinking radio stations and a contract on Slash’s roster some twenty-five years ago, before the whole indie/alternative thing turned into corporate-owned, vanilla-colored shit. This is a great goddamned single and here’s hoping that some DJ finally gets tired of playing the hundredth song in a row that sounds like its ninety-nine predecessors, says “fuck it,” and drops the needle on the wax.

 –jimmy (