BRADLEO ADMINISTRATION, THE: Happy, Lucky, and Going Places: 7”

Mar 23, 2007

The Bradleo (yes, one word) Administration is (I guess) a solo vehicle for a guy named Brad Leo— not to be confused with balding front man Ted Leo. The A side of Brad Leo’s single is influenced by that power-pop stuff Alex Chilton didn’t make a career out of; the same music Bobby Stinson played and now (seeing as he’s dead) doesn’t. The B side reminds me of Peter Laughner’s home recordings (although Peter Laughner doesn’t make home recordings anymore because he’s dead, too. Had Peter not indulged in a case of Grolsch a day, coupled with lumps of methamphetamines, he’d currently be fifty-four years old). So, yeah, this is all great. You see the keywords (Laughner, Chilton, etc.) and you’re all set to buy this record. Just hold on, chief. I can tell that Leo (as in Brad) likes good music, but it’s hard to produce it. My girlfriend says this record is a three out of ten. I told her that if I played Peter Laughner’s home recordings for her, she’d give them a two out of ten. So, anyway, elitism aside, this record is a five out of ten. This group (or Brad Leo) shows promise, but they’ve got some work cut out for them. Maybe a strict diet of Thomas Wolfe and Jack Kerouac could get them up to speed. I’m not sure—I’m neither Lamont Dozier nor the Colonel Tom Parker, just a cantankerous rock critic and bass player.

 –ryan (Floridas Dying,