BRACKET: Requiem: CD

Jun 19, 2007

I have to confess that this record is one of the most novel concepts that I’ve seen in a while. No real titles to the songs here; instead we have “Warren’s Song Pt. 16, Pt. 19, 14, 24, 11, 23, 17, 26, 18, 12, 21, 20, 10, 25, 15, 22, and 13.” As a result, there is a distinct lack of independence to these songs; on a normal record with songs individually titled, each tune maintains a level of musical autonomy within the overall package, like a short story as part of an anthology. By giving every song the same title, just variations in numbering, I was forced to listen to this as a whole rather than individual tunes specifically ordered on a record. And it worked. What we have here is a seventeen-movement rock’n’roll symphony. Musically, this is some pretty rockin’ pop punk along the lines of bands that show up on Honest Don’s; poppy and inventive, this opus never got dull.

 –Eric Carlson (Takeover)