BPA: Maybe Use My Knife (1980-1986): CD

Jul 25, 2006

Who knew that there was another art damaged weirdo band from Ohio in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s? Not me, but I’m sure glad I’ve been enlightened to the ways of BPA. This is a compilation of their output through the first half of the ‘80s and I’ve got to say that it stands up to any of the similar stuff from the era. I can hear a little bit of everything. A bit of Devo, a lot of early Butthole Surfers… Talking Heads melded with Big Boys… I absolutely LOVE this! The thought of jocks cringing at this makes me smile. The liner notes do a great job of outlining the history of the band and report that they still play to this day from time to time. The (hopefully true) story about a drugged-up Madonna partying all night and refusing to listen to anything but BPA was also great. Track this down now.

 –ty (Shake It)