BOYS CLUB: Every Good Boy Does Fine: 7” EP

May 03, 2011

This looks deceptively more lo-fi/lo-budget/lo-talent than it actually is; the record actually feels more like a contemporary cross between some sort of American indie club rock that never gets punker than the Buzzcocks ((though it does not sound Buzzcocks-like in the least)) and some kinda late 70’s punk/mainstream fence-straddler like Willy DeVille singing some song about how he wants some girl whose first and last names both end in a vowel to come down and meet him on the street corner or something, plus a few showy flourishes like doo-woppy bits and modern dissonance-pop chunks and breakdowns where all the music cuts out except for an unplugged electric guitar in the corner and the vocals suddenly coming out of a little tinny speaker. Took a couple spins but i really warmed up to it. They’ve indeed done fine, i tell you!!! BEST SONG: “Barracuda” BEST SONG TITLE: “Barracuda” if you are Heart or DMZ or someone i guess. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The lyrics include the phrase “The Frozen Tundra” so you should obviously purchase a copy at once.

 –norb (Hang Up)

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