BOXSLEDDER: Rad: Cassette

Jun 06, 2014

I will go on record as the one Razorcake staffer who is openly skeptical of the “org-core” trend that has at one point or another stigmatized both the fanzine and record label imprint. I reluctantly find some of the reasons for all the hate warranted: not everyone who falls in love with Tiltwheel and Dillinger Four needs to replicate that sound. Diversity is a beautiful thing that I wish more bands would embrace instead of rehashing ad nauseam. Ah, but then again: once in a while a band comes along who not only sports the beards and shotguns the beers but can also write a great pop punk song or ten. Boxsledder do a damn good job of saluting the originators of beardo-punk while holding their own with heartfelt and sincere lyrics, and melodic-but-powerful guitar hooks. Quick, someone help them put this out on vinyl format before they decide to gut some more old Nintendo cartridges and use them as cassette cases (which was a great idea for the sake of novelty but a pain for filing away purposes). Still, thumbs up all the way! 

 –Juan Espinosa (Self-released, [email protected],