BOW & SPEAR: Into.: LP

Bow & Spear are crafting galvanizing, genre-bending music that spits in the face of tedium. This noise is guaranteed to make you excited. It seems like these folks only recorded the most titillating bits, even though they are clearly capable of long-winded, jammy interludes. The arrangements and vocals are sometimes frantic, resembling Bleach-era Nirvana, with the rhythm section pummeling alongside the atonal guitar. “Doubtless” and “Blank Scene” are Drive Like Jehu-ish spasms. “Antrum,” the record’s six-minute centerpiece, nosedives into a dense wall of sound that cuts into an inventive riff only to build again. “Health” never lets up. My fingers ache just listening to David Ritter’s noodling. Closer “Void Boy” is a blitzing pop tune that is both shimmering and serrated. Into. is for the jaded listener in me. It wakes me up. I love discovering bands that seamlessly blend their influences, creating something unique. Get into this. 

 –Sean Arenas (Self-released,