BOUNCING SOULS, THE: How I Spent My Summer Vacation: CD

Sep 09, 2009

Upon first listen, I instantaneously concluded that the fast-paced pop-punk ferocity contained herein is bein’ frenetically churned-out for the baggy-pants, chain-wallet, bleached-hair crowd. But ya know what, the precise high-energy sonic aggressiveness of these youthful lil’ melody-makers suddenly lurched forward, grabbed me by the balls, and then rambunctiously swung me around and around until I could no longer see straight... so after several more minutes of enjoyable ear-attentiveness, I’ve decided that this disc is catchy as all get-up, and I should be eternally grateful for such lively musical immensity. Only one certifiable caustic complaint though: the “True Believers” song is a thinly veiled sped-up rip-off of the Ramones “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg)”, so please give credit where it’s undeniably due, fellas! Other than that, I’m deliriously overwhelmed... I feel young and virile again thanks to the musical spasticity of The Bouncing Souls... waaahooooo!

 –guest (Epitaph)

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