BOUNCING SOULS: Do You Remember? 15 Years of the Bouncing Souls DVD

Mar 03, 2011

Fifteen years? I still consider them a new and fresh band. This is an enjoyable documentary that shows the trials and tribulations of a band that became successful, using interviews of band members and friends to tell the story. Starting in 1988, they were your typical, run-of-the-mill high school garage band that had no direction. Once out of high school, they decided to commit to the band and not follow the path of the average. The scenes of their early period were hilarious when their musical direction was all over the map. Then the light bulb sparked and they came to fruition to be the band what it is now. There is a ton of footage that they have accumulated through the years and is edited to tell the story of their past. I commend them on putting the ugly parts of their past to truly show what they are about. I like the fact that you can identify and learn about each member of the band. A lot of time is taken to not dehumanize each member and show that they are truly human as you and I. You get to experience through dialog and film how hard it was to deal with a member’s difficulties in life and to be associated with them. This is a two DVD package that I only received one of. Can’t wait to see the second disc so I can see the fifty live songs and the six videos. However, from what I experienced off the one disc, it was stimulating and enjoyable from start to finish. From the uninitiated to the diehard fan, this is a well produced archive of a band that has made me more appreciative of their music. –Donofthedead (Chunksaah, PO Box 974, New Brunswick, NJ 08903)