Jan 19, 2016

If somewhere in the bizzaro expanse of the universe The Beach Boys and Dead Kennedys joined forces, your outcome would be something like Bottlenose Koffins. They are the epitome of a party punk band. This is the Seattle surf punk band’s second full length this year and they’re really hitting the ground running. The band is quirky in the same vein as acts like Japanther, wherein they still demonstrate musical prowess but they’re also going to give you before and after song names like “East Bay Reagan.” Peanut Allergies is complete with a cover of the “Sealab 2021” theme song and a clip of “The Simpsons” theme thrown into one of the tracks. As soon as you hit play on this record, you’ll be hit with “ooo-eee-ooo-eee-oh” surfer melodies with a lot of Dick Dale-inspired, bright guitar work. It’s so pretty that you don’t even notice that you’ve been shakin’ your assets long into the daylight hours. Recommended for jumping around on your bed in your underwear.

 –Kayla Greet (Bomb Pop)