Jul 06, 2011

In a split offering between two bands whose names were apparently chosen by picking a pair of random punk words out of a hat, Botox Rats make a fairly impressive showing by following a “Nervous Breakdown” riff with four measures of completely unexpected two-note saxophone, followed in turn by a song-long barrage of lunatic brain-damaged neo-Bob Stinson guitar lead wanking, because, you know, they feel things deeply and shit ((Bob Stinson continues to droolingly wail throughout the entirety of the song, which is good as far as communicating to the listener that WE ARE HERE TO ROCK AND SO ARE YOU, DAMMIT, although every so often you’d like to cuff him upside the head and make him cease for a tad)). While outright originality is perhaps not the band’s province, they do throw enough nifty bits in here, kitchen-sink style ((female backing vocals! Changing up the last note of the melody! Egads!)), that you gotta kinda admit it’s snottily impressive. Modern Action—presumably the sugar daddies behind this release—fare worse, with some kinda half-hearted anthem that doesn’t seem to know if it wants to titillate Earth’s latest soccer hooligan molecule or be a filler track on the Mr. Beautiful Presents ALL HARD compilation album. Packaged in a silkscreened brown paper bag for your protection. BEST SONG: Botox Rats, “Nasty Business” BEST SONG TITLE: Modern Action: “Drink To Win” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This record comes on some kind of taffy colored vinyl but i am having a hard time isolating the flavor.

 –norb (Modern Action)

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