BOTCH: An Anthology of Dead Ends: CD EP

Oct 16, 2008

Yay, metalcore. Oddly enough, I’ve been getting into shit like Converge lately so I suspect I should like this grinding, pulverizing, heavy-as-shit riffage more than I do. Maybe this just suffers in comparison to the new Weakerthans album. While I realize that a reviewer is supposed to be able to objectively evaluate the merits and downfalls of an album independent of anything else said reviewer may be reviewing or listening to, I long ago realized that reviewing a record is subjective as fuck and that I might love grindy shit one moment and wake up three days later wondering what I was thinking because there is no objective checklist to use for evaluating the artistic merits of a release. With all that gibberish out of the way, this is well done headbangist rock and on any other day, I probably would have turned it up to show all of my neighbors the error of their ways.

 –scott (Hydra Head)