BORN/DEAD: Repetition b/w Fear: 7”

Decent outing from a band I’ve heard accolades about for years now. The problem with a guy like me reviewing this record is that you’ve really gotta be head and shoulders above your peers in the doom-and-gloom hardcore world in order for me to sit up and take notice, and while Born/Dead are obviously good, there’s just a little something that’s missing. It’s dark stuff for sure, with a decent blending of Tragedy’s sense of injustice and buried melody alongside pals Strung Up’s take-no-prisoners approach to hardcore; but it’s also just a little too (no pun intended, guys) repetitive and, well, simply executed. It’s not like I’m looking for insane fret board noodling and sixty parts to a song, but the two tunes here rang a bit more like unused tracks from an LP rather than something to be taken by itself.

 –keith (Prank)