Sep 05, 2006

The packaging is gorgeous: gatefold 7”, mini info zine about assault, streaked vinyl. Born/Dead: It’s unfair to compare, but the dramatic pacing, the shout/strangle vocals, the expanses of doom gallop, are all Tragedy’s trademarks. The good news is Born/Dead does it well. The so-so news is that, in my opinion, Tragedy does it a bit better. I guess it depends on how unquenchable your thirst for this type of music is. Peligro Social: Excellent borstal/barrio melody-infected hardcore punk. Sung entirely in Spanish and sounding like a mix of ‘70s English pub rockers with the searing guitar work of early Bad Religion, I could swear this was coming out of East Los Angeles (I think a member of Moral Decay’s in this) and be the natural progression of a band that imploded far too early on, like the Black Jax.

 –todd (Tankcrimes)