BORN/DEAD: Endless War... Repetition: CD

Nov 21, 2006

Still don’t own a record player? If DIY punk is your thing, you’d better get one. There are a lot of releases out there that do not see the digital realm, but sometimes you luck out: case in point here. A compilation of tracks from this Bay Area band that includes tracks from their split LP with Consume, 2005 tour 12” and their most recent 7” Repetition/Fear. To top that off, for those with computers, two videos are included. But, the music is the key here. Hard-driving punk that is dark and forceful with a tone of the dismal state of the world. Their dual vocal attack of lyrics is intelligent and political. Punk is guitar-driven, and they power out the chords with fierce determination. The bassist brings the lower octaves to add punch. As a trio, the drummer ties it all together to make a cohesive expression of noise. Many might have noticed them on the past Subhumans tour. I personally have seen them twice, and the second time they knocked me on my ass. So the next time they come through your town, take notice. Also, getting a copy before you see them would help you sing along while they are playing live.

 –don (Prank)