BORN LOOSE: Self-titled: LP

May 08, 2013

Ethanol and sweaty hair and yelling and the sound of things breaking and the broken things puncturing other things! This is what Larry May means to me! Sounds ((rather unsurprisingly)) like the Candy Snatchers, except for the parts where it doesn’t, in which case it sounds like the Humpers or Tuff Darts or somebody! The sax on “Step Up to the Plate (Be a Runaway)” and “Bobo Blues” is an exquisite touch, but i think i could’ve lived a very satisfactory life without ever knowing the lyrics to “Sugar Pussy.” Thank you sir, may i have another? BEST SONG: “Step Up to the Plate (Be a Runaway).” BEST SONG TITLE: “Step Up to the Plate (Be a Runaway)” again, suggesting that it is clearly Born Loose’s “No Time to Waste.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The bass player and i went to the same college!  –norb (Drug Front)