BORN LOOSE: I Loathe You: 7”

Jul 22, 2015

Hound Gawd! Records are well on their way to becoming the Junk Records of this decade, which is to say that half of what they put out is great and half is so-so. This single by Born Loose is absolutely in the great category—strong songs and the speed don’t take away from the rockin’ to be had. The band is fronted by Larry from the Candy Snatchers and sounds a whole lot like that band. Honestly, this might be the best stuff I have heard from this guy since the classic first Candy Snatchers’ album. Members of other NYC bands such as Snuka and Ghetto Ways appear to be in the lineup as well. This band would have torn down the rafters at the Continental in NYC. They’re probably ripping it up in Brooklyn these days. 

 –frame (Hound Gawd!)