BORN DEAD ICONS: Unlearn: 7"

Aug 24, 2009

If I say the Motorhead of hardcore, it doesn’t do this band justice, but that’s exactly what it sounds like, minus the solos and trimming the song length while still setting a definite tone and not shying away from slower, heavy breakdowns. It’s awesome (in the original sense, not the dude/brah sense) and amazingly cinematic. It’s almost impossible not to have something play and worm around in your head when the record spins. I picture bombed out cathedrals, but that’s just me. I’ve always wondered what Lemmy and Co. would have sounded like if they were sliced in half, length-ways, and sewn onto the sliced-in-half bodies of Negative Approach. I no longer have to. Rumor is, they’ve done all Turbonegro sets and called themselves Turbohooker, so they’ve got to have a sense of humor, too.

 –todd (Heart First)

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