BORN BAVARIAN: Psycho Commander + Still High: 7"

Jul 09, 2009

Counterintuitively, i have found thru the years that it is actually very rarely a good thing when you can't figure out what speed the record is really supposed to be played on (the exceptions that prove the rule seeming to be the Kohu-63 12" [i guess you play it at 33], "Raw Sewage" off the Peace Corpse 12" 33 which my old roommate would always play at 45, and "Surfin' with the Shah" off the first Urinals EP, which once caused the autistic kid i babysit for to roll his eyes back into his head and start violently headbanging when i played it, for whatever reason, at 33 rpm); after some internal debate, i have decided this one-sided record plays at 33 rpm. Song one is plodding troglodyte beller-rock, distinguished primarily by its moderately unforeseen bass-in-lieu-of-guitar-solo; the second song is more melodic, and sounds not unlike a less-slick Professionals or a more-slick Cockney Rejects, but with a long haired, brawny Kraut in a denim jacket screaming himself hoarse on vocals. In a related story, there's a horse on the front cover. BEST SONG: "Still High," i guess. BEST SONG TITLE: Both suck. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If you're ever in Germany, don't order Weiss beer anywhere but Bavaria, because the rest of Germany apparently views the Weiss-brewing Bavarians as a bunch of idjits and will give you a bunch of shit for it, or so my observations have been.

–norb (Casual)