May 14, 2001

What I like about Boris the Sprinkler is that they put out new albums often enough so that a newish Boris the Sprinkler record is always on high rotation in my life. And all their albums are really good. "..Is Gay" keeps SweetTart-blood-level high. It's fast, bouncy, Ramones-distorted, Norb-twisted rock'n'roll. The monologue is back at the beginning, thanks to a little pre-planning (they stuck Paul #1 in a soundproof booth while Rev. Norb delivered his sermon [though not without having to monologue duel with the computer from the "Group Sex" album]). But I don't want to give away too many secrets. Suffice it to say that the schtick is still funny, and the songs around the schtick are still great.

 –sean (Go Kart, PO Box 20 Prince St. Station, NY, NY 10012)

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