BOOKS LIE: Hall of Fame of Fire (Plus Singles and B-sides): CD

Feb 21, 2008

When I was in college several years ago, almost all the punks there were exclusively into grindcore, noise, thrash, emo, etc. What was a decent, harmony-loving punk who wasn’t given to public emotional breakdowns to do? Well, when in Rome… I ended up going to a fair amount of shows I would’ve never gone to otherwise, and one of those shows was Books Lie. I actually ended up seeing them a few times, and, out of all “those” bands, they were the only ones I actually thought were all right. This CD is both a new album and lots of singles and b-sides. Hardcore with some metal influence, definitely a Heartattack kind of thing! I’d be lying if I said I listen to it all the time, but the fact that I listen to it at all, given my musical tastes, must be worth something! If this were a cereal, it’d be Heartattack Ohs! Oh, subculture!

 –maddy (Level-Plane)