BOOK BURNERS, THE: People’s Songs: 12”

May 30, 2014

After a few listens, I had to go online to find out if REM’s Michael Stipe or Lungfish’s Daniel Higgs made guest spots on this album. The evidence is inconclusive. It is not a bad thing, at all. I like both those bands and both those singers. I think The Book Burner’s debut album is good, but it came at me like that feeling when you pick up the wrong glass and, expecting milk, get the orange juice instead. It fucks with your brain. I put this album on and immediately wondered what year it was. The Book Burners sound like a mid-’90s band from a record company like WashingtonD.C.’s Dischord or Seattle’s Sub Pop Records. There are some unbelievable albums from those two labels in that time period. If you were wishing that they had released more, go get People’s Songs

 –John Mule (Latest Flame)