Sep 05, 2006

So I reviewed this dude’s zine in Razorcake a while back, and it was a tour zine regarding his one-man band, Boogdish. I erroneously called said outfit “Moogdish” in the zine review. He later sent this record to ze ‘Cake, along with a letter requesting the staff to please get the name right this time. Okay, dude, here we go: the band’s name is Boogdish. The record is untitled. Said record is a three song, one-sided EP on clear vinyl with a pretty rad red silkscreen on the other side. Definitely looks neat, and the guy seemed pretty okay in his zine, so I wasn’t as initially trepidatious about a record like this (one guy, a bass and a programmed synth) as I normally would be. Unfortunately, this thing essentially came across as outtakes from the Faint’s Danse Macabre stitched together with songs from a Saturday morning cartoon, the whole thing ultimately ruined by the guy’s eye-wateringly bad falsettos in the first song and his homage to ‘50s slow-dance jams in the third. At least I got the name right this time.

 –keith (Hairy Chested)