BONES HOWELL: Self-titled: CD single

Jan 19, 2016

People, this is a CD single! I’m so glad to see this thing. I used to get these all the time at the record store. If you grab a corner of the little cardboard sleeve and flick your wrist quickly, you can shoot the CD out like a rocket into the street. Bands are releasing records way too soon these days; you don’t have to put out a record just because you recorded something. The punk thing to do right now would be to stop blowing your money making pressing plants rich and start making CDs again. They’re cheap as hell and you can get them back immediately. The music on this release is well done, but a little too pop punk/affected America for my taste. If you like that sort of thing, it sounds good. The CD single is a shot across the bow. Well done. 

 –Billups Allen (Bones Howell)