BONECRUSHER: Tomorrow Is Too Late: CD

Jan 31, 2008

I never thought I’d put the word “subtlety” and Bonecrusher in the same sentence. For a blue collar, simple and heavy-as-concrete band that bases its reputation on hard work for little pay and gigs for beer, it’s the little things that make this CD stand head and shoulders above the street punk and oi throngs. Usually, this type of music doesn’t age gracefully (see current day Cock Sparrer). To avoid being a parody of their former selves, they’ve mixed things up ever so slightly. There are some songs about loneliness and despair on this record. This works well for them. Bonecrusher’s still got the blunt force power of a band like the Anti-Heroes, the prison-strong muscling of the debut Discontent’s Who Killed Vinyl? 7”, and they could probably take any other band down in a no-holds-barred belt fight. That’s been established, but it’s the guitar work and drumming on Tomorrow Is Too Late that’s keeping me reaching back to this CD. I can’t help but snap my fingers along to the songs. For some reason, this record’s much better than their last effort, The Good Life, and on par with their best work, circa Working for a Living. Happily surprised.

 –todd (Knock Out)