BOMBS, THE: Black Butterfly: CD

Jul 02, 2009

While I fully believe that the idea of rock’n’roll should never be confined to simply one form (How fucking dull would that be?), I subscribe to the notion that scuzzy, distortion-heavy garage is the most unfiltered form you can find under its umbrella. L.A. two-piece The Bombs attempt to rile things up with this primitive and grimy throwback but the attempt feels more defanged than nervy. Bearing some resemblances to another garage punk band with a similar moniker (the winning guess would be The Dirtbombs), the energetic duo should take creative cues from the Detroit troupe’s coursing vocals, contorted verve, and confrontational volume levels. Keep this effort’s off-kilter lyrics (which include a chorus leading in with “I’m not from Nova Scotia”), consider ditching the Ramones-esque repetitive titles (both “Shake Me” and “The Shakes” are here), and let the rock fester and mutate before picking it back up.

 –Reyan (Self-released,