BOMBON: Las Chicas Del…: LP

It’s a bit of a shortcut to say “Surf rock done by three ladies,” but it gets us to our destination quicker. It’s a shortcut to say “surf” because there’s some really nice horn work that lends to a fantastic spaghetti western vibe on a track. It seems like there’s something pretty major going right beneath the waves besides tons of reverb, an organ, and an affection for The Ventures and the 5,6,7,8’s. Since it’s been over a decade since we were last awash in any sort of surf revival tidal wave, I’d throw mid-period Man… Or Astroman? into the mix of comparisons. Bombon aren’t afraid to add space, landscape, soundscape, and breadth to their songs. Las Chicas… is pleasant as all hell and a good record to put on when you still want to talk and not yell, but still have a great time, set a mood, and hang out with a bunch of folks. Movie soundtracks of the future, watch out.

 –todd (45 RPM)