BOMBÓN: A Date with: CS

Nov 16, 2015

Remember that episode of Twin Peakswhen James, Maddy, and Laura record a song in the living room? That cheesy scene with a breathy love anthem recorded with a hollow-body guitar and Shure microphones? After hitting play on this cassette, I was worried I was in for a whole EP of that. First song starts off that way, but within a few measures it kicks off and turns into something much more enjoyable. Rumbly surf vibrato in the guitar, stripped-down drum sound, mixed in with deep bass, and despondent trumpet pull through for the other five and two thirds tracks of the record. To be honest, I get tired of songs like “Dance Just Like Annette,” where girls are pining over guys named Johnny Boy and Frankie. Though I thoroughly enjoy that authentic garage/surf combo, I’d rather bands update the content of the songs for the modern age and let go of the soda fountain, make-out hill sort of date. If I’m going on a date with Bombón, I’d like a different kind of malt, if you know what I mean. Fortunately, many of these rockin’ tracks are instrumental and easy to dance around like a goon to. 

 –Kayla Greet (Burger,