BOMB TOWN: !?Interrobang?!: CD

Dec 30, 2008

The first few tracks sounded like Leftover Crack-esque ska with fewer metal overtones, but the sound quickly gave way to reggae. Let me be clear; I have no problem with bands experimenting in genre mixing. Mad Caddies always did some amazing jazz-influenced punk rock, Intro5pect did cool things with techno, and many bands did great things with folk, but if you’re going to choose to experiment with genres, you should find some part of the spectrum and stick to it. If you want to do reggae, do reggae, if you want to do ska punk, do that, but don’t fuck around everywhere. It’s kind like offering everybody some vanilla/chocolate chip ice cream and half way through there are so many chocolate chips it’s hard to believe there was any vanilla left at all. I would have no problem if you told me it was chocolate chip with some vanilla in the begging, but no, you said it was the other way, leaving me unfulfilled and annoyed.

 –Bryan Static (Stubborn)

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