BOMB, THE: Speed Is Everything: CD

Nov 11, 2009

How often does it happen that a band makes a great record and then follows it up with a record that literally blows shit out of the water? Put this up against any release of recent memory and this one rises above by a mile. There are cool lyrical references all over this one, from The New York Dolls to The Damned. But, musically, the songs are held together by guitarist Jeff Dean, whose sonic onslaught here is most impressive. Pete Mittler’s and Mike Soucy’s drums and bass lines offer him a fertile background to play with. They moonlight in another rocking combo called The Methadones. Finally, there is the voice. Yes, you have the “whoa-whoa” factor here. But that’s not all. Check out the emotional fragility of songs like “The Kids” and “Not Christmas Night.” If you haven’t guessed yet, it is Jeff Pezzati, also of Naked Raygun. But this is not All Rise II. These guys are their own separate deal without a doubt. Songs like “Spaceman” are going to put The Bomb into territory beyond the reach of mere mortals. Epic… and essential.

 –koepenick (No Idea)

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