Dec 06, 2007

Best way to try to describe this album?: hyper-kinetic, A.D.D., ska-punk in the best way possible. There are a lot of competent ska bands out there who are okay to listen to, but every so often one sticks out because of how they don’t quite sound the same. For instance, I really like Leftover Crack with their weird little black metal riffs thrown into the middle of their ska stuff (I know that’s not cool to admit after age eighteen if you’re not a junkie, but blah). These guys seem to be cramming as many sounds possible in each song and never slowing down unless it’s to make it up in the next measure with going even faster than before. Yeah, there are horns but there’s also a ton of weird electronic bleeps and bloops going on, a lot of gang vocals, and I think I heard a banjo at some point. I also have to say I don’t envy the drummer on this, because he sounds like he must be completely overworked with all the stops and starts and tempo shifts going on, which makes sense because all the older Bomb The Music Industry! songs I heard before this seemed to use a drum machine in overdrive. Lyrically, this is like the audio biography of my life at the moment. Almost every song on this is about being out of college, broke, jobless, bored, and totally without direction in life. The song, “No Rest for the Whiny,” hits so close to home for me right now that it almost makes me want to cry. Check this out for sure if you’re looking for something different going on in the world of ska... or an unemployed, depressive with a college degree. Also, as an aside, I’ve got to give props to this band for actually walking the DIY walk and posting almost all their material, even this album, for free on the internet. You have no excuse not to check them out, and maybe buy a T-shirt if they roll through.

 –Adrian (Asian Man)