BOILERMAN: Loss Leaders: LP

Nov 13, 2013

Boilerman has a uniqueness in a sound that seems very oversaturated. Playing the style of melody-driven, rough punk which can be pinpointed by bands like Witches With Dicks and the less produced Banner Pilot stuff, Boilerman’s hardcore background is definitely an asset. There’s just more power in the sound. I mean, the bass player is wearing a His Hero Is Gone shirt, and the other two guys were in Cold Shoulder; you know you’re gonna get something good, and this record does not disappoint. Multi-vocalist, trio devastation. Have the drummer do the fills while the guitar plays a lead, and the bass just never stops! There’s an intensity that rages through the whole record. Can the intensity be traced back to straight edge? Who knows? But I do know that these guys are drawing from something that a lot of people playing this style of music don’t have, and it’s making for some awesome music. Free Gym Guys!

 –Daryl Gussin (Self-released)