BODIES, THE: “Angel on the Nine” b/w “Open Your Eyes”: 7”

Nov 02, 2010

The past ten years have been unpredictable. No longer is TKO at the top of the heap of American street punk and oi. Duane Peters isn’t releasing a new record every six months. The Reducers SF haven’t been heard of for a long time, either have the Anti-Heroes. Hostage Records is woefully missed. And in the middle of it all, The Bodies somehow manage to exist like slow-moving glaciers. Never the fastest on the trigger on a release date, these guys from Sonoma have become synonymous with no-nonsense, American-made, full-throttle punk (street or otherwise). To those who’ve never heard them, there’s more than a passing blush to the tightest, toughest Bouncing Souls. To those that are familiar with their output, these two songs are right down the Bodies well-constructed, almost seamless alley.

 –todd (Modern Action,